Florida Governor, Rick Scott, Returns to RGF Environmental Group, Inc.

Riviera Beach, Florida – The buzz surrounding RGF Environmental Group, Inc.’s (RGF) recent invitation and visit to the White House caught the attention of Florida Governor, Rick Scott. Scott is hot on the campaign trail as a candidate for US Senate and decided to return to RGF to connect with local workers and talk about his plans to “make Washington work”. Term limits and the elimination of many bureaucratic obstacles for business owners are among his priorities.

Governor Scott spoke to guests and RGF employees about tax cuts benefiting Florida businesses and how he intends to replicate what he has proven to work in our state when he gets to Washington. His platform “Let’s Get to Work” focuses on American workers, the creation of jobs and the benefits that a sustainable quality of life affords American families. RGF President and CEO, Ron Fink illustrated the direct effect of recent tax breaks on capital investments, pointing out a $1MM laser cutting machine that was purchased in the last year. The business saw record growth in 2017 with a 38% increase over the prior year and is currently constructing an additional 3,000 square feet of office space to accommodate its growing staff.

RGF’s VP of Business Development, Tony Julian, elaborated on other benefits the company has seen due to Florida’s pro-business and pro-growth tax policies. “We’re investing in capital equipment and acquiring new companies to complement our operations. Just this week we finalized an acquisition of a 45-year old company specializing in FDA 501K medical equipment and industrial air filtration systems. Later this year, we’ll be commissioning a new plastic extrusion line to make a component here that we previously outsourced. This is something that will substantially increase our competitive advantage in key commercial and industrial markets,” Tony told the crowd.

As guests and employees filtered out of the plant, heading back to their business of the day, the atmosphere was positive and optimistic. For RGF employees, Florida business owners and senatorial candidate Rick Scott, the future indeed looks bright!

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