Tropic Supply Events in December

During the month of December, Tropic Supply hosted the Fujitsu Electrical Diagnostics and Teardown Training and the Sporlan TEV Theory and Contaminant Talk. The Fujitsu one-day training session provided an in-depth troubleshooting for Halcyon Inverter systems. The morning session gave instructions on basic electric principles and how to use a multi-meter, as well as a complete teardown and rebuild of an indoor wall mount unit. The afternoon session provided instruction on inverter technology and DC components with a lab including board-level diagnostics and hands-on testing of outdoor unit circuit boards with multi-meters.

Next, Henry Papa from Sporlan gave an informative training on how proper thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) operation and superheat settings can maximize evaporator capacity and efficiency, while still providing compressor protection. Henry also covered how a properly operating head pressure regulator (HPR) can help maintain proper system capacity and efficiency in ambient temperatures below 60F and how system protectors and proper system clean up can keep the refrigeration system operating at peak performance.

For more information on future events, visit the Tropic Supply events calendar at their website

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