Tropic Supply Events in August

Tropic Supply hosted Fieldpiece & Pipe Prop Demo Days, CPS Pump Clinics, and Refrigeration Technologies Demo Days around the state of Florida during the month of August. Representatives from Fieldpiece & Pipe Prop gave demonstrations for proper installations of Pipe Prop products and the new Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Probes. Owens Corning Duct Board products were featured too. The Demo Day perks were a FREE SPK1 with any Fieldpiece purchase over $100.00 and a FREE Owens Corning hat and t-shirt with any purchase of Owens Corning Duct Board during the Demo Day.

Tom Gibbons of CPS performed a FREE vacuum pump oil change and performance test at the CPS Pump Clinics. The Pump Clinic Perks were a FREE VPXJ220 jumper power cord with purchase of the VP6D vacuum pump and a FREE breakfast too!

The Refrigeration Technologies Demo Days consisted of live demonstrations of the Viper Wet Rag and Viper Heat Blocking Gel. Also presented were overviews of Kosher Ice Machine Cleaners, Sub-Zero MicroLeak Detectors, Food Grade-Approved Silicone and NSF-Approved Evaporator and Condenser Cleaners. The Demo Day perk was a FREE t-shirt for the first 20 Refrigeration Technologies purchases during each Demo Day.

For more information on future events, visit the Tropic Supply events calendar at their website


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