Women in HVACR 15th Annual Conference “Defying Gravity”

The WHVACR 15th Annual Conference “Defying Gravity” was held on September 19-21 in the mile high city of Denver. The attendance was the biggest ever! The keynote speaker was Tamara Kleinberg who spoke about laying out a roadmap that will help win at innovation, ignite our highest value, and stand out in a cluttered world.

Stacy Pederson kept them laughing while sharing her ideas for how to be happy when life’s a mess. Angie Snow taught them how to defy time. Women know the feeling of overwhelmed as they juggle many roles. Leslie Gildea of ServiceTitan shared the lessons she learned in the jungles of Burma, where she initially started her career as a human rights attorney.

Emily Saving, Executive Vice President at HARDI spoke about HARDI’s analysis of the current HVACR business and policy climate. There were also several exciting and interactive breakout sessions – something requested from the last conference. So it was a well rounded day of learning and sharing.

The conference also included a lot of fun activities too! The opening reception on Wednesday the 19th was over the top. It was held at Ellyngton’s in the conference hotel, The Brown Palace. Then on Thursday evening, the ladies went casual with dinner at The Wynkoop Brewing Company. On Friday WHVACR arranged for a choice of two field trips. One was a guided hike on Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s easiest 14,000 ft. elevation. Next, for those who prefered to stay grounded, was a wine tour tasting and lunch at Balistreri Vineyards.

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