2024 Women In HVACR President Lori Tschohl

President’s message:

I have made it my mission to bring additional growth and transformation within Women HVACR in 2024. As your President, I am dedicated to leading this organization toward new horizons. Three main areas are crucial to the growth and success of Women in HVACR for 2024. These areas are training, events, and partnerships.

As we set our sights on 2024, one of our primary goals is to enhance the capabilities and expertise of our board members. We recognize the importance of equipping our leadership team with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles.

Our second goal is regional events, which we commit to, at least, four this year. A robust platform that expands our collaborative horizons and creates various unique opportunities. By extending our reach in this manner, we open the door to engaging with a more diverse set of industry professionals. tapping into the wealth of expertise and resources these individuals and organizations offer.

Our third goal will be Partnerships to strengthen and build a future where women with the passion and drive to succeed in HVACR have the opportunity to do so. We feel fortunate to collaborate with organizations that share our vision and values. Recognizing the incredible synergy that comes from working together, we are committed to nurturing and expanding these relationships.

Our overarching goal is to serve you, our valued members. Your success and satisfaction remain at the forefront of our efforts as we navigate through these exciting developments in 2024.

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