ACCA/CF and Black’s Supply Host Air Duct Fabrication & Demonstrations

On September 17th ACCA/CF and Blacks Supply hosted a training class on air duct board fabrication at the Longwood Traning Center from 5:45 pm – 8:00 pm. There were around 30 local contractors who attended. The training class included health and safety procedures along with the UL 181 requirements for this product. Dave Hilliard of Blacks Supply who has over 30 years experience in duct fabrication, gave demonstrations of proper hand grooving techniques using specific hand tools along with the fabrication of a 90 degree elbow and an a offset transition. Dave discussed several fiber-glass duct system materials and focused on performance and design standards to ensure superior air tight duct fabrication. Dave elaborated on the importance of fabricating fiber glass ducts according to industry and code-approved standards with special emphasis on local code compliance and closure systems by using the NAIMA Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Manual.

At the conclusion of the class, Dave blew up one of the fabricated enclosed plenums he made showing how fast it will leak and looses integrity when not assembled propery. Fabricating air-tight fiber glass duct systems takes skill and craftsmanship. Thanks Dave for sharing your skills with the industry!

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