ACCA/CF Hosts Ruth King’s Profitability Day Workshop at Venue on the Lake in Maitland

ACCA/CF hosted Ruth King’s Profitability Day Workshop on June 17th, at Venue On The Lake in Maitland. Profitability Day is a one day of on-site training with an optional three months of follow up on-line training. At the end of the day, contractors should understand how to read their financial statements, how to analyze them, and have the tools to take action based on their findings.

Getting and staying profitable can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes a month. When contractors implement what they learn in class and the on-line sessions, they can achieve greater profits, more cash flow, and have a more solid business. Ruth’s goal is to inspire you, help you make more money, and achieve the goals you desire!

Please follow Ruth King’s Contractor Cents column published every month in Today’s AC & Refrigeration News!

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