AccuAir’s Mobile Showroom Visits Florida Career College In Tampa

Florida Career College helps students build a brighter future through career training. Students get the skills they need from experienced, supportive instructors and hands-on education in “in-demand” fields. One of the programs offered by FCC is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Once students complete the 11 month training course they are ready to begin various careers in the HVAC industry. Because students spend considerable time moving from classroom to classroom in the “hands-on labs” studying and getting to know various HVAC equipment, “it was natural and a perfect fit for AccuAir, Inc. to demonstrate the Bard I-TEC classroom heat pump unit in operation, to bring the hands-on experience to them says Frank Suranyi, Engineered Products Manager”.

The AccuAir Mobile Showroom features a fully functional Bard I-TEC classroom HP unit allowing the technical staff to demonstrate the system’s operation, quietness, versatility and serviceability. Students and instructors were able to inspect the unit and ask detailed questions about the unit’s functions, operational sequences, options, maintenance requirements, costs, etc. whatever they wanted to know. The featured unit was the Bard I-TEC, Single Packaged Vertical Heat Pump (SVPHP) with two stage cooling, three stage heating, HGRH dehumidification, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV), Supply Plenum and Miami-Dade, hurricane outdoor louver, custom finish to match / imitate an outdoor building’s facade.

AccuAir held three demonstrations, 30 minute sessions for about 10 students each session to be more effective; sessions for the night class students from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM March 26th and sessions for the day class students 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM March 27th. AccuAir provided refreshments and giveaways and technical information to all the attendees.
“It was informative, educational and a lot of fun” says Suranyi and by the responses from the students, I know it was mutual”.

Special thanks to Emilio Gelfenstein, (Mr. G) Campus Director & Chair of HVAC Program, Florida Career College and HVAC Instructors Gary Barger, Dwight Bean, Richard Rozecki, Roger LeVasseur and William Adams that helped make this a success. For more information feel free to contact: Frank Suranyi, MBA, Engineered Products Manager, AccuAir 407 259-0089 at

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