Ductless Products Provide More Technology, More Choices, and More Control!

Ductless products continue to gain popularity as a result of more technology, choices, and control. Multi-Zone, ductless minisplits are one the fastestgrowing product categories in today’s HVAC market. As consumers catch on to the product’s flexible installation options, energy efficiencies and attractive price, they continue to opt out of conventional, ducted equipment.

GREE unveiled their new Ultra Heat Multi Zone product at the AHR EXPO in Atlanta. It was the perfect opportunity – and venue – to showcase their new Ultra Heat Multi-zone product line. “We are so proud of The Ultra Heat Multi-zone and its innovative technology,” said Fernando Xie, Gree President Assistant. “We designed The Ultra Heat to stabilize the heat and air conditioning it produces, and to produce it more efficiently. Gree’s intention for this technology is to be used in large scale buildings such as hotels and sports arenas and on a small-scale level like homes and small businesses.” The Triple-cylinder Two-stage Rotary Compressor Technology is what guides the super-efficient heating element and pretty much solves inadequate heating and cooling issues due to environmental and mechanical interference. It’s easy to adjust the temperature on an air conditioner or heater, but the heat must be produced and distributed through the system properly for superior efficiency and accuracy. That’s where the triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor technology comes into play and is huge for areas of our country that sustain severe cold weather.

To help explain how the mechanism works, below are a few highlights:

• The system is composed of an outdoor unit and several indoor units which work together to regulate heat and cool air.

• The outdoor unit utilizes DC inverter technology and an electronic expansion valve helps to control the amount of refrigerant circulating in the compressor which in turn helps to control the flow rate that enters into each heat/cool exchanger in the room.

• Those two mechanisms make it possible for the HVAC to meet the cooling and heating load demand in the room and make indoor temperature control more accurate.

• The results are a more comfortable heat/cool with low noise and little to no need to adjust the controls.

• Because the pumps and controls in the Ultra Heat Multi-zone are so effective, benefits include low standby energy consumption, energy-savings, and eco-friendly technology.

For more information visit GreeComfort.com.

The ductless LG Art Cool Gallery indoor unit marries efficiency and design by providing occupants the opportunity to express an individual sense of style while cooling or heating multiple rooms. Ideal for many residential and light-commercial applications, the Art Cool Gallery is available in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU/h multi-zone indoor models and feature a slim, contemporary styling, while allowing the user to display their own artwork or photo in the customizable frame – the ultimate in custom design with LG’s iconic energy-efficient inverter technology. The Art Cool Gallery is compatible with the Multi F outdoor units and LG’s industry-leading Multi V VRF product line. Key features of the Art Cool Gallery include the customizable picture frame design, Wi-Fi compatibility for control via the SmartThinQ app, quick and easy installation, natural air flow and auto operation modes. The Art Cool Gallery also operates quietly rendering it audibly unobtrusive. The LG Art Cool Gallery Inverter duct-free split system provides both comfort and a stylish aesthetic for all-season comfort. LG Air Conditioning Technologies’ award-winning ductless heating and cooling solutions extends into the interior, with the Art Cool Mirror indoor unit. Featuring a sleek, charcoal mirror finish, the Art Cool Mirror is a modern, high design indoor option that complements almost all interior aesthetics, packing more of a punch with built-in Wi-Fi capability and LG SmartThinQ® app compatibility – which allows users to adjust their comfort and settings via the LG Smart- ThinQ® app on their smartphone alongside their other SmartThinQ-enabled LG devices, such as refrigerators, ranges, washing machines and robotic vacuum. By requiring little to no ductwork, installation is effortless, making the Art Cool Mirror an ideal choice for many contractors. With its quiet operation, as low as 19 dB(A), and earning the ENERGY STAR® “Most Efficient 2019” designation in 9,000 to 18,000 Btu/h single zone systems, the Art Cool Mirror is a sleek alternative to the standard white indoor door units for residential and light commercial applications. With up to eight indoor comfort zones and up to 60,000 BTU capacity,

LG’s Multi F MAX provides increased flexibility and efficiency for light commercial and residential installations. With the ability to be installed ductless or ducted or a hybrid of the two, the robust Multi F MAX grants homeowners the freedom to get the solution that is best suited for their style and their space. The Multi F MAX multi-zone outdoor units feature LG “Reliable to Extreme Degrees” (LGRED°) heating technology. LGRED° technology not only delivers heat when traditional models are unable, but also does so with remarkable energy efficiency offering comfort to users living in even the coldest climates. LGRED is industry leading heat technology that provides 100-percent-rated heating capacity down to five degrees Fahrenheit with continuous operation down to -13 degrees, offering comfort to users living in even the coldest climates. The Multi F outdoor units with LGRED° are available in capacities up to 3.5 tons and are compatible with award-winning ductless models including the LG’s Art Cool Mirror, Art Cool Gallery and standard wall-mounted indoor models, giving home and business owners a variety of options to customize their designs.

The Mitsubishi SLZ-KF brings comfort to any home or light commercial application. With four-way vane control, occupants can select two-, three- or fourway airflow patterns with direct or indirect airflow settings (with optional 3D i-see Sensor™), offering 72 different combinations for comfort. Each vane can also be adjusted individually. The optional 3D i-see Sensor, which calculates the room occupancy rate, adjusts conditioning accordingly. The result is improved energy savings and even temperature distribution. Featuring a streamlined redesign compared to previous models, the temporary hanging hooks, captive screws and larger wrench turning radius on piping make for easy installation. The unique quality of the Mitsubishi MSZ/MUZJP Model 115 Volt Heat Pump system is its energy efficiency and flexibility. Traditional residential systems are 208/230 volts, one phase and 60 hertz (Hz) while this system is 115 volt, one phase and 60 Hz. 115 volt service is available in all applications which provides design and installation flexibility due to common voltage. In addition, this single-zone system features low-ambient heating down to -4°F. Also, the 115 Volt Heat Pump system features extremely quiet operation, as low as 22dB(A) for the indoor unit, making it an ideal solution for residential and light commercial applications. With washable, 10-year filters with multi-stage allergen filtration, the system is also designed for top-of-the-line air filtration, removing particulates and contaminants from the air with continuous fan operation for better air circulation. The anti-allergen filter traps dust, impurities and other particles to provide occupants with high indoor air quality. Part of Mitsubishi Electric’s M-Series product line, the new SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit will be able to connect with a variety of indoor units with differing sizes and designs. The flexibility of this unit will be ideal for both performance construction applications and with larger capacity units for light commercial projects. In addition to the expanded size offering and program updates to match more indoor units, the SUZ universal outdoor unit also provides value to distributors since it can reduce the amount of product they have to inventory.

Panasonic, an industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems, showcased their advanced air purification technology with the U.S. debut of its nanoe™X solution at the Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR) in Atlanta. Panasonic demonstrated its ECONAVI intelligent sensor technology, next generation of VRF Smart Connectivity Controllers, and other heating, cooling and air quality technology solutions. With a U.S. market entry in early 2020, the Panasonic EXTERIOS XE ductless system with advanced built-in air purification technology will set a new standard for comfort and IAQ for the U.S. ductless heat pump market. Already successful globally, Panasonic has for the first time in the U.S. introduced its revolutionary technology that is globally improving indoor air quality in a wide range of industries including home, railway, automobile, hotel and hospital and other public spaces. NanoeX is a groundbreaking solution that provides a cleaner, fresher indoor environment by identifying harmful pollutants such as allergens, bacteria and odors, and neutralizing them with state-of-the-art air purification technology. As an additional benefit, nanoeX has been shown to help retain skin moisture to reduce dryness issues. Designed for residential and commercial applications, nanoeX improves overall air quality for occupants, enabling healthier and more productive home and work environments. In addition to nanoeX, Panasonic showcased its ECONAVI intelligent sensor technology, which detects human activity and automatically adjusts the temperature in a room to create a comfortable, energy- efficient space for occupants. Additionally, the next generation of Panasonic’s VRF Smart Connectivity Controller, which was developed in collaboration with Schneider Electric, was on display at Panasonic’s booth. With an enhanced user-friendly interface that dynamically manages comfort, controllability and costs for the end user, building managers benefit from improved controllability that allows them to manage equipment, lighting, security, electrical distribution and power from a single interface – anytime, anywhere. “Panasonic is focused on improving overall quality of life for their customers, and with their latest heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for the residential and commercial markets, they are underscoring this commitment from both a product and indoor air quality perspective,” said Allan Dziwoki, vice president and general manager, Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America. “Each of our technologies are designed with the entire lifecycle of the product in mind – from the contractors who install our equipment to the home and building owners who operate them. With sleek, quiet, energy efficient designs combined with Panasonic’s unparalleled support, our HVAC solutions are best-in-class.” For more information about Panasonic heating and air conditioning, please visit na.panasonic.com/ us/home-and-building-solutions/heating-air-conditioning/.

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