hilmor Names Fastest Hands in HVAC/R at the AHR Expo 2023

In a flurry of deburring, swaging, bending and flaring, one HVAC/R technician rose to the top of the leaderboard during this year’s Fastest Hands in HVAC/R contest held during the AHR Convention in Atlanta, GA.

Francois Goletto, a technician from Decatur GA, with George Gary Mechanical Design, was sitting in first place out of hundreds of competitors after the several different rounds of competition, in which ended up with taking a copper tube and making two 90 degree bends in the opposite direction and then using a hilmor Lineset Cleaner to shot a rubber plug into a target and hit the bullseye.

Goletto completed the final task the fastest, and received the top prize, $1,000 worth of hilmor tools. The other top finishers included Samuel Friedman, who received a $500 prize. Pinkas Bruer and Stan Axvier each received a $250 prize.

“This is a fun way to let technicians experience firsthand how our tools work,” says Andrea Halpin, Brand Director, hilmor. “Most of them have a very competitive spirit and really enjoy seeing how fast they can do something, especially compared to their counterparts.”

The hilmor brand continues to revolutionize the HVAC/R industry with smarter, more effective tools and equipment. Backed by one of the largest research investments in the history of the HVAC/R industry, hilmor is dedicated to making the technicians’ jobs easier.

DiversiTech’s mission for contractors is also to simplify their work. We do this by offering high-quality, innovative and advanced products that save time on installations and headaches from unnecessary customer call-backs. Combining exceptional customer support with a full line of HVAC parts and accessories, we provide contractors with the resources and tools they need to meet any of their customer needs.
For more information about hilmor, go to hilmor. com. For more information about DiversiTech, go to DiversiTech.com.

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