Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency to Use RGF’s AirMation® for Wildfire Rescue Stations’ Air Quality

Port of Palm Beach, FL (July 20, 2022) RGF® Environmental Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer of air purification and filtration devices, in partnership with Air Technology Solutions Canada, is proud to announce Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA), located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, to use RGF’s AirMation® to improve indoor air quality inside their public wildfire shelters.

The AirMation® industrial air filtration system reduces harmful airborne pollutants through high capacity, multi-stage progressive filtration, delivering a continuous supply of clean air. With assistance from Air Technology Solutions, this Canadian public safety agency tested and approved AirMation® before a complete rollout to their wildfire shelters in preparation for wildfire season. The solution will reduce the need for evacuation by creating local refuge centers using AirMation® technology to clean the air within community centers. Creating these local refuges provides significant savings to the province.

RGF’s AirMation® air filtration system removes smoke and lung-damaging dust while controlling the buildup of carbon monoxide (CO). Independent testing has shown that AirMation® cleans the air to containment levels far below OSHA and NIOSH standards. Other applications for the RGF® AirMation® include fire and ambulance stations, municipal garages, and manufacturing facilities.

The American West continues to be devastated by wildfires. According to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), around 60,000 wildfires burn 8 million acres in the United States each year. And with the peak season upon us, it is ideal for counties and states to have air filtration and air purification products in their community shelters.

According to Tony Julian, RGF’s Vice President of Business Development, “RGF’s air filtration and air purification products provide an excellent solution for any wildfire application. Air filtration is an important addition to any home, business, or public facility that can be impacted by smoke during wildfire season.”

Randall Weber, CEO of Air Technology Solutions, says, “The solution provides a safe place within the community for residents’ health and safety while reducing the emotional stress of evacuation and being away from their home and family members. This gives the community peace of mind.”

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