SFACA General Meeting and Annual Inspectors Panel

SFACA conducted their fourth zoom meeting with their members at 6pm, on Wednesday, September 2nd. There was no cost for this event and it was open to everyone. This was their Annual Inspectors Panel Meeting. This always popular annual forum is designed to encourage dialogue between city and county inspectors and contractors from Broward and Miami-Dade counties regarding areas of mutual concern and interest.

In attendance was Amador Barzaga, Senior Code Officer Miami-Dade County, Pete Quintela, Senior Code Officer Miami-Dade County, Ulises Perez, Mechanical Inspector City of Fort Lauderdale, Timothy De Carion, Chief Electrical Code Compliance Officer, Broward.

Here were some of the questions that were addressed.
1) A contracting company who has gone out of business and has not closed the permit is creating difficult situations with a new contractor such as closing on the sale of that home. Several inspectors just said to close the permit.

2) If an air handler is installed in a interior closet on stand with an emergency pan put on the floor with the stand inside it and a wet switch, does the pan need to be 3” larger than the air handler? Several inspectors said no because the primary pan works in that case.

3) Any changes in codes due to covid-19. Inspectors said no.

One of SFACA’s goals has been to provide social networking opportunities with topical speakers and to provide beneficial programs direct to their members during their meetings. Due to the current social distancing guidelines, this has been challenging to do.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Virtual Awards Zoom Meeting on Oct. 7th. We will announce the winners of the Golf Tournament held on September 28th.

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