About Us


Today’s A/C is a monthly newspaper dedicated to professionals in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Articles on new products and industry events, profiles on facilities and people, and case studies designed to inform and engage the reader, create this exciting trade paper.

Readers tell us they have found something valuable in Today’s A/C, a dependable source, delivered straight to their desk, for free. Truly something for nothing. Our readers are intelligent decision-makers with little time to waste on the trappings of glitz and glamour. We respect their time and try to pack as much good information as we can into every month’s edition without glossy design overkill. Today’s A/C counts on its readers, just like they count on us.

Today’s A/C is distributed throughout the Southeast, primarily in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Bonus distribution of complimentary copies includes attendees of industry trade shows, conferences, and events.